Most, if not all, of my pieces are portraits in some way. I'm fascinated by the way in which we see ourselves in other animals, often using them to represent different qualities, both good and bad, and I enjoy playing around with this.

In past years many of my pieces have been inspired by folklore or fairy tales. More recently I have been creating a series of birds, which borrow the look of taxidermy. Some of these sculptures have elements which refer to or play with the symbolic meaning ascribed to the particular bird I'm depicting. In others my preoccupation has been purely with colour and design. 

I'm drawn to the uncanny, that combination of the familiar with the fantastical, and by using old tins -  former repositories of biscuits, tea bags, odds and ends - to 'house' many of the sculptures I create, I hope to enhance this quality in my work. I also love the marks of age and use that the tins bear. I don't attempt to clean up or disguise these as they tell a story.

Originally from South Lakes I now live and work in Warton, Lancashire. My work is held in private collections in the UK and abroad.