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Thought I'd better embrace social media a bit and have found a home on Instagram (who knew how addictive it could be? ...Maybe everyone.) To find time to fit in my new habit of staring at other artists work until my daughter prises the phone from my stiff hands I'm going to streamline things and just post on Instagram rather than here as well.

If you'd like to see what I'm up to with work in progress, doodles, experiments and the odd finished piece you can find me here.

'Hare's Breath' - a piece I've just sent down along with other work to Cambridge Contemporary Art for their Christmas exhibition.

It's spring (yay!) - time for the Green Door artists to comb our hair, put on some presentable clobber and come blinking out into the light to show our work and, hopefully, say something intelligible about it. 
Green Door is an artists collective in Cumbria and Lancashire and the trail is an annual event where members open their studios or show work in shared venues at various locations. 

I'll be showing my work along with seven other artists at the Athenaeum in Leasgill.You can find details of that venue and all the others at the Green Door website at: 

Two new pieces available at Cambridge Contemporary Art 

and 'Yellow Eyes', which is at Arteria in Lancaster.

Just about to post off work for the Christmas Exhibition at the Galerie Handwerk in Munich (29th Nov to 30th Dec) and these two are included.

I currently have work in a show which is just starting at Arteria in Lancaster. The show is called 'Hygge' - cosiness, Scandi style! There's an invite to the preview night below and some photos of the exhibition, which will be on until the 7th January.

This is one of the pieces I've just sent down to Cambridge Contemporary Art for the summer exhibition there which runs until the 29th August.

My friend, talented glass artist Sarah Walkley, has a new shop in Kendal at Unit 2, Blackhall Yard where she sells her lovely fused glass pieces. She's also showing some work by me and a selection of other artists.

Sarah and her partner Mark also run workshops in the unit next door for anyone who wants to learn techniques in stained and fused glass making. Their website with more information and contact details is here:

Here are some new pieces - some of which are showing at Cambridge Contemporary Craft in the mixed Christmas show there. All the pieces are inspired by folk or fairy tales.

'Mr Fox',  based on the English folk tale of that name - an older variant of the Robber Bridegroom tale collected by the Grimms brothers.

'The Butterfly'. This was inspired by tales such as Red Riding Hood or the Wolf and the Seven Young Goats where the main character is swallowed by a wolf. I've chosen to see this as signifying transformation rather than the meeting of a, more literal, grisly end!

'In the Forest'

'The Berry'

And a recommendation  - a great book inspired by fairy stories, Emily Carrol's book of graphic tales Through The Woods  is an incredibly atmospheric read. Her original stories brilliantly capture the dislocated oddity and darkness of traditional tales and the drawings are wonderful. Creep someone out for Christmas?

I'm just trying to get on and decorate some new pieces for the show at the Storey Institute in Lancaster, which starts next weekend

but we've just got two kittens and they're...



I've been making new work to show alongside some older pieces at this exhibition in  Lancaster. The preview is on the 5th September from 6.30 to 8pm - all welcome!

Here are the pieces that are winging their way (sorry, couldn't resist) to Cambridge Contemporary Art for the exhibition 'Birds' which begins on the 28th March. They're a little more naturalistic than my usual work but I've loved doing them.

I thought I'd share the work of three artists who all exhibit at Cambridge Contemporary Art where I'll also be showing at the end of March.

The First Swifts, Niki Bowers

Two for Joy, Collagraph, Hester Cox

Edge of The Storm, Tinted Graphite, Fiona Clucas

As the exhibition I'm taking part in is called Birds I thought these images would be particularly appropriate. 
I had to include a piece by Fiona Clucas as she's from my neck of the woods and I've long admired her work. You can see more of it on her website

The exhibition runs from the 28th March to the 3rd May and you can see images of more artists work as well as find details of the exhibition on the gallery website at

Once again the lovely people at Galerie Handwerk in Munich have sent me images of the exhibition I took part in over Christmas and here are a selection.

Lost message and an apology.

I'm hoping that the lady who left a message on my mobile about a possible commission for her daughter reads this.
I'm afraid I'd saved your message, intending to ring you when I had a moment, and unfortunately managed to delete it. If you're still interested in discussing a commission please do get in touch (perhaps safer to email me!).

Here are some of Swedish artist Klara Kristalova's porcelain sculptures  - dark and painterly they brilliantly evoke the humour and strangeness of fairytale narratives - I love them.

Here are some of the pieces that I'm sending to Munich for the Galerie Handwerk christmas exhibition 

...these are my feet - and they're up - I've finished all my work and the last pieces are packed and ready to go ...bliss!

I'm taking part in three Christmas exhibitions this year.

The first is 'In the Spotlight' at the Leeds Craft and Design Centre which starts on the 1st November.
Then, beginning on the 8th of November is 'Objects of Desire' at the Chapel Gallery in Ormskirk.
Finally, once again I'll be showing at the Galerie Handwerk Christmas exhibition in Munich, which kicks off on the 25th November.

With all these November deadlines I should have been busy making throughout August but instead I moved to the South lakes village of Arnside and have spent every day out walking ...

and picking sloes day...

and night...

because there were just so many. We now have lots of sloe gin on the go and I have a lot of pieces to finish!

Some doodle paintings I did to get the ideas flowing. I love doing these. I do them quickly without forethought. Even if the results aren't perfect there's often something intriguing to pursue.

Thought I'd share this picture of an interior of a box I'm working on.

And me hard at work in the studio.

I had some work in the 'Artistic Toys' exhibition at Galerie Handwerk in Munich over Christmas and I've been sent an image of some of the pieces up in the gallery that I thought I'd share.

Thought I'd mention the exhibitions I'll be taking part in through November and December - with some added location shots!

I'll be showing some pieces through November at Northern Lights Stained Glass run by Sarah Sutton and Mark Browne. It's on Highgate in Kendal just down from the Brewery Arts Centre

Here's a picture. It's a lovely shop and well worth a visit at any time. Sarah and Mark are also showing their own glass pieces as well as work by other artists/ craftspeople from the area with work including handmade books, mosaics and handmade bags.

I'm also showing a couple of pieces in The Affordable Art Christmas Show at the Storey Institute in Lancaster. The show will be in the Thomas Storey Gallery on the ground floor and runs from the 29th November, when there will be an opening do at 6 - 9 pm (all welcome) to the 6th January.

I'll be sending work off soon to the Galerie Handwerk in Munich for their Christmas exhibition which runs from the 4th of December to the 21st December.

Finally I'm taking part in an Open Studio on the 6th December at Halton Mill where I have a studio which I share with another artist Janet Robinson  

The Mill was once the home of Luneside Engineering. It's been converted into low carbon workspaces by Lancaster Co-housing and is a lovely place to work - friendly folk, a great place to go and sit with a mug of tea by the river and a tuck shop selling posh fair-trade chocolate (which I fail to resist on a regular basis).

The Open studio event runs from 4 to 8pm. There'll also be a Craft Fair. 
Entry is free and there'll be soup, mulled wine, mince pies, music, and a chance to 'have a go' at some art as well as to look around the studios and see art by other tenants Hilary Devereux, Emma Drummond and Lucy Hampson amongst others as well as jewellery by Ele Maudsley.  Hope to see you there.

One of the pieces that I've just sent down to Unit Twelve in Staffordshire for the exhibition '21st Century Farmer' which runs from the 5th September to the 30th November.

Really looking forward to starting two new classes at the Platform in Morecambe at the beginning of July. 

I've always admired the window displays at Arteria in Lancaster and now I'm part of one - very chuffed! 

Here's one of the pieces that I've sent down to Rye Art Gallery in Sussex. It was inspired by a folktale about a dovecote in County Durham that is supposed to be haunted by the spirit of a girl who had killed herself when abandoned by a lover. The girl appears in the form of a dove with, I had clearly remembered, one black spot on its breast. In fact after I had finished the piece and sent it off I re-read the tale and discovered that it was three red spots! 

Here are some details about the exhibition I'm taking part in at Arteria in Lancaster.


a reply or reaction to a stimulus



The latest artistic offering from Arteria with Gallery 23 is an intriguing fusion between art, crafts and literature.


In the exhibition titled "RESPONSE" we see the inspirational works of an eclectic mix of artists and makers, and then in turn, local writers "RESPOND" to a selection of pieces to create poems which will be showcased alongside the artworks.

 Jane Richardson, Owner and Managing Director of Gallery 23 explains:

 "We feel it is really exciting when you cross fertilize artistic practices. The results can give an unexpected and refreshing perspective on a piece of art as it is driven by another personís interpretation and reaction to what they are seeing. A piece of art born out of another piece of art."

 3 local writers and a ceramic artist will be contributing written pieces to the event.

  The art and crafts on show is an enchanting mix of original wall art, inspirational photography, unique jewellery, beautiful textiles, striking sculptures, ceramics and glass.

 The show runs from 20th March through to the 22nd June and will be open Monday to Friday 10am-5pm and Saturday 9.30am-5.30pm. For more information call Jane or Sharon on 01524 61111 or email

I've been pretty busy getting work together for three exhibitions starting in March. One is at Arteria in Lancaster, which starts tomorrow. I'm also taking part in the showcase 'Reused Refuse' at the Harley Gallery in Nottinghamshire which starts on the 27th March and will also have work on show at the Rye Gallery in Sussex from the end of the month. That's where these pieces will be headed if they work out - both at the experimental stage at the moment.

I've been reading lots of books on British folklore as inspiration for an exhibition I'm working towards and have just stumbled across a textile artist from Leeds who also takes inspiration from folklore and who's work is gorgeous. He works under the name Mister Finch and you can see more of his work on his website at

Happy New Year!

Just received a CD from the lovely people at Galerie Handwerk in Munich with lots of images of the show I took part in over Christmas. Here's a selection. I don't know the names of the artists responsible for work in the first few images unfortunately (apart from my own in the top one of course!) but the last two are of work by two very talented British artists, Julie Arkell and Edwina Bridgeman.

One of the pieces that I'm showing at an open day at my studio on Saturday 8th December.

It's at Ellel Artists' Studios in Galgate just outside of Lancaster and runs from 10am to 5pm. 
We have large quantities of mulled wine, stollen and mince pies which we need help eating :)

More information about the studios and a map and directions can be found at our website

Delivered some new work to the Chapel Gallery in Ormskirk last week for the Objects of Desire exhibition which starts today and runs until the 12th January 2013.

Just sent work off to Munich for an exhibition at the Galerie Handwerk there. Here's the exhibition invitation featuring a lovely piece by Edwina Bridgeman. The exhibition runs from 27th November to the 22 December.

Big Draw event

  Hi, I'm going to be running a Big Draw event at Heysham Nature Reserve on Moneyclose Lane in Heysham for the Wildlife Trust in Lancashire on the 30th October. It runs from 11am to 4pm, is open to all ages and it's free. 
There'll be lots of natural forms to draw from and various activities and challenges.

I'm hoping that everyone who comes will (re)discover how relaxing, engaging, absorbing, freeing, enjoyable and generally totally cool drawing is!

 For information about the Heysham Reserve, and a map of how to find it, go to :

To find out more about the Campaign for Drawing and the Big Draw, its yearly October festival, go to:

A couple of new pieces I've been working on.

and my pasting table, which is becoming a work of art in itself....or a right old mess.

Here's a page from Kickabout, the book I illustrated recently, some of the proceeds of which go to Right To Play the charity which aims to use sport and play to improve the lives of children around the world. Kickabout is published by Uclan Press.


The Summer Show at Craft in theBay, Cardiff - 23rd July to 4th September
I'm delighted to have been selected as one of 26 artists showing at the first summer exhibition at Craft in the Bay, the home of the Makers Guild in Wales.

Green Door Studio Arts Trail, Kendal - Friday 16th Sept to 25th September.
I'll be showing work at Northern Lights in Highgate, the shop owned by talented stained glass artist Sarah Sutton. Her website is at

Objects of Desire, Chapel Gallery, Ormskirk - 19th November 2011 to 14 January 2012.

This is one of the illustrations I did for Kickabout, a brilliant anthology of  football stories for children by authors such as Alan Durant, Helena Pielichaty and Chris d'Lacey, to be published soon by Uclan Press.
If you're wondering whether rats actually make good footballers then buy the book and not only will you find out but you'll also get a glow from having done a GOOD THING. All the proceeds from the book go to Right To Play, an organisation which uses games and sport to help create social change in communities affected by war, poverty and disease.
I'll update with news of when the book is available to buy.

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